We are musicians

and we know what we want.

Potential Music is the place we, as artists, have been looking for.
A place where we are free to create and innovate.

We are a team of renowned engineers and songwriters whose technical abilities are only surpassed by our passion. We work efficiently and thoroughly with imagination and precision.

We are constant learners, always searching for new ways to improve our systems and processes and we remain on the cutting-edge of technology with unique innovations and the people to drive them.

We make the impossible possible time and time again. No matter what it is, give it to us and we will dissect it, analyse it and generally understand it better than anyone.

Our engineers and songwriters have worked with countless artists and have helped to grow several other studios with our extensive knowledge of gear and music.

Potential Music - History

Our History

The journey began as Potential Records, a production label originially established by JC to facilitate his work as an emerging artist and musician. After 10 years of operation, Potential Music expressed interest in purchasing the label with the provision that JC and Adam, both established and prolific songwriters, would become the principals of the business.

With the provision observed, the spirit of Potential Records has remained intact and Potential Music has established success in many genres with artists and material of the highest echelon reflecting a continued pursuit of originality and a sustained expression of intellectual freedom.