Fully Invested in the Best Technologies

We believe in better kind of responsible energy—where Heliovaas is accountable for the prosperity of our clients, partners, and investors, as well as our carbon footprint. That’s why we develop solar power plants the correct way, focusing on regions where solar energy is actually a viable solution.

Leveraging our experience and expertise in national and regional policies, as well as the natural energy resources of the sun, we establish cleaner, scalable solutions for distributed generation solar photovoltaic (PV) power. Our team carefully evaluates each market and identifies the regions where solar can have the most viable impact. And we work together with local property owners, professionals, and investor to ensure our partners and the environment benefit.

Heliovaas is meticulous in its approach to development, leveraging extensive knowledge of national and regional policies to select locations and submit the necessary paperwork for construction. Well capitalized by our sister company, PelleVerde, we procure state-of-the-art PV solar technologies to maximize power generation and our capital investment. We then partner with the most experienced and licensed professions to design, build, and service the plant, for optimal performance. This approach ensures everyone benefits from the installation, with more predictable energy costs for customers, more jobs for the community, and solid returns for backers, all while improving the health of the planet.